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This Field Day is an opportunity for farmers to expand their understanding of soil health, soil carbon projects and what management strategies make a soil carbon project successful. We have excellent speakers presenting who will engage and inspire those who attend.

Speakers include:

- Colin Seis who has taken a long journey through many ups and downs to restore his family farm "Winona" back to production and profit. Along the way he developed the innovative method of pasture cropping. Colin has a vast array of knowledge and experience in land regeneration through livestock and cropping systems. His presentation is one not to be missed.

- Rhonda and Bill Daly who are soil carbon project proponents with ASM and owners of YLAD Living Soils, a business dedicated to producing high quality organic soil amendments and spreading the message of the importance of soil health for the planet. Rhonda and Bill are innovators and they continually inspire the people they come in contact with. Rhonda and Bill are pioneers in the soil carbon project space on their property Milgadara and have a wealth of knowledge to share with those considering entering a project.

- John Barton of CarbonRich who has exceptional knowledge of soil microbiology and is highly experienced in the manufacture of organic soil amendments. John’s passion for soil health and expertise in soil microbiology are captivating and inspiring.

- Chris Main, a local farmer, soil carbon project proponent and recently appointed CEO of ASM. Chris is extremely positive about the opportunity presented to farmers through soil carbon projects for generations to come. Chris will lead an easy paddock walk around Dirnaseer Hall to demonstrate the exciting work he is undertaking on his farm as part of his soil carbon project.

- Cherie White from Riverina LLS who will provide an introduction to natural capital and how landholders can get started

If you are a farmer who is curious or sceptical about soil carbon projects, this is the Field Day for you! Come and learn from experts and farmers who have already started on the journey and want to share their knowledge to help others. We can’t wait to see you there! Lunch, morning & afternoon tea will be provided.

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